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Knights of the Invisible

Knights of the Invisible is Iona Kewney and Joseph Quimby. They joined forces in 2009 and have been creating works internationally as a duo ever since.

Iona as Artistic Director, Choreographer, Visual artist, Performance artist, Dancer and Teacher.

Joseph as Composer, Musician and Actor. 

Together they are a radical dance company of hyper realist detail and surrealist vision engaged in the physical, sonic and emotional language of life.

They create visionary worlds of live art.

Their performances are a fragile journey of interconnected life and death. A transitory live happening; viscerally present, and yet both deeply ancient and futuristic. They challenge the limits and edges of existence to points of transformation and metamorphosis. Their unorthodox and idiosyncratic methods unite with an unspoken magic, sensitivity and vivid imagination.


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